Frequently Asked Questions.


Do You do Both Hair and Makeup?

Yes! While I personally am not licenced in hair styling, our team has many wonderful ladies who specialize in bridal and event styling.

What Exactly is Airbrushing?

Airbrushing is a specialized makeup application used for years by makeup artists for red carpet events and high end photo shoots. This technique is perfect for creating natural, flawless, durable, photo perfect skin.

A few of the many benefits of airbrushing include:

-Long wearing, or water proof formulas, so no need for touch ups.
-Your skin will look perfect and fresh throughout the entire event regardless of the heat, humidity, or how much dancing you do!
-Flawless complexion means photographic perfection.
-Will not rub off or transfer to clothes, so hug away!
-Does not cake, smear or melt away.
-Lightweight feel and look.
-Oil-free, non-comedogenic (will not clog pores.), and overall great for sensitive skin!
-Full color range for a perfect skin tone match.

Do You Apply Fake Lashes?

Every makeup package includes a set (of your choosing) from a wide range of lashes.

How Should I Prepare My Face For Makeup Application?

A clean, moisturized face is all you need to worry about, leave the rest to us!

How Should I Prepare My Hair for Styling?

All we ask is your hair has been washed within the last 24 hours and that it is completely dry!

Do You Travel?

Yes! All travel within Whatcom County is complementary! Travel fees apply outside county lines. Contact us for details about travel rates!

How Do We Book You?

For Bridal work, a contract, deposit, and 4 person minimum is required to secure your date. These are to protect your interests as well as the business. Please fill out the bridal form on the previous page and we will be touch shortly!

For anything else, just shoot us a email!


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