Microblading is the hottest new trend for some completely understandable reasons. Who wouldn't want to magically roll out of bed with perfectly full, symmetrical, on point brows?? Loose all the brow products that may or may not work, and save yourself some serious time in the morning.


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Microblading Run Down.


What is it?

This manual method of tattooing deposits pigment into the epidermis using a very fine blade. Because it is much shallower than the average tattoo, the results are a very fine “hair” with no “spilling" of the pigment underneath the skin.

How Long Have You Been Microblading?

I received my training and licensing in October of 2016, and I LOVE it! For more FAQ click HERE!

How much?

$450. This investment includes 2 appointments 6-8 weeks apart, as well as an aftercare kit to make sure everything heals properly! It also includes an extra 5-10 minutes (which you would usually spend drawing in your brows!) of your life back every morning. You're welcome!

What is the Process Like?

Please keep in mind microblading will heal about 40-50% lighter (and cooler toned) than the pigment we use in the sessions. These ladies may look a tad dark now, but they will have beautiful, natural looking brows in about 4-6 weeks! For more info on the process, check out this testimonial from my very first microblading model.


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